2017 A Year in Pictures

As some of you may know, one of my hobbies is photography. This past year was a major period of growth and experience in this endeavour. I upgraded from a smart phone to a real-deal camera; learned about lenses and techniques; and became an Instagram addict. Photography has been a healthy balance to my music. It certainly involves a lot more walking around. To cap off 2017 I thought, what better idea than to combine the two!

Here is a video slideshow showcasing many of the photographic highlights of the year. It features nearly 150 photos from various periods and places. From portraits, to architecture, to bugs and even starscapes, it’s an eclectic mix of images which represent my journey as a budding shutterbug. The music accompanying it is an improvisation I did sometime in the Fall. When a student doesn’t show for a lesson I have a half hour to myself. Sometimes, when I’m working at the seniors’ centre I serenade the residence with music I may have brought along or make something up in the moment. Here’s an improv session that I recorded and found fitting for the images.

I hope you enjoy the collage and I wish you all the best on your next journey around the sun!

Did you doing anything artistic to reflect on 2017?

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