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“Darryl is clearly both a talented musician and teacher, which isn’t always the case!”

– Tory, mother of student, Guelph


“Darryl is an amazing teacher who helped me learn so much. I had so much fun working with him.”

– Finnley, 12, Guelph


“I am a senior who has been taking piano lessons from Darryl Cremasco since September 2014.  I do have a background in music, but decided to renew and refresh my ability as a pianist, making it clear that I play for my own pleasure and have no desire to take part in recitals or pass examinations.

“Darryl has cheerfully and persistently corrected my mistakes and introduced me to new techniques – if one method of learning does not work for me, he has the flexibility to substitute others until something does work.  His lessons, taking in music theory as well as technique, have been just right for me.  He is clearly a talented performer but also has the patience and insight to share his gift with his students.

“He’s my idea of a great teacher!”

– Dr. Judith Bell, Guelph


“I returned to piano lessons after a 5 year break and have been studying with Darryl for a year now.  Darryl is a great teacher who, in my view, treats teaching as a craft and profession, and not just as a job.  His musical interests are eclectic and I appreciate being exposed to different composers and styles.  He’s helped me access a diversity of musical scores as well as resources on everything from rhythm to theory to hand positioning on the keyboard.

“I’m working at a Grade 8/9 level but have always struggled with timing – Darryl is very patient and finds creative and playful ways to teach rhythm and timing.  He teaches with an appreciation for both the artistic, historical, and theoretical way of approaching a score. And I like the fact that he never tires of some of the mistakes that I seem to make over and over again!!

“I highly recommend Darryl as a piano teacher, whether you are an advanced or beginner player, or an adult or young student.”

– Carol, Guelph


“I chose Darryl’s Piano initially for the simple reason that he provided a quiet and private place to learn a new skill, rather than at the back of a store, for instance. I continue to take lessons with Darryl for a few reasons. As an adult I need a safe place to have feelings that may appear to be immature, like being self-conscious or awkward. It is his positive and encouraging manner that makes the lessons enjoyable, regardless of those feelings I’d rather leave at the door.

“Darryl is a dedicated, passionate, and skilled piano player, and although is serious about this art, and his student’s progress, he freely lets his joy show. I very much appreciate his perceptiveness and accommodation of my learning style. This fosters mutual respect which makes for a great collaboration. Thanks, Darryl.”

– Sandra, Rockwood


“I attended piano lessons with Darryl for about a year during my graduate studies at the University of Guelph.  Learning an instrument was an excellent reprise from my demanding schedule.  Darryl was able to make the learning process fun, constantly tailoring his lesson plan to accommodate for my own interests and goals.

“He provided great feedback on not only technique, but also style, allowing me to channel emotion into my pieces rather than making them sound robotic.  I greatly appreciate my time studying under Darryl.  He certainly knows his stuff and is very passionate about his work.”

– John Malcolm, Ph.D., Toronto


“I started my lessons with Darryl shortly after moving back to Guelph in October 2016. With no firm direction or definite teacher in mind I found myself at Darryl’s studio on a whim. I am very happy to say that I spent almost a year under his guidance, and if it wasn’t for my decision to move away for further schooling I would have definitely continued.

“Darryl is always welcoming and punctual. He inspired me to learn and to challenge myself but was never forceful or imposing with his suggestions. Allowing me to study pieces I chose and working at my speed, I not only saw improvement in every aspect of my playing, but found it both comfortable and enjoyable. Darryl is always gregarious and polite; he is always willing to explain concepts, terms and techniques whenever they appear during a lesson.

“I have a great admiration for Darryl and his method of teaching. I am a better pianist and overall musician because of him. I am very sad to have to discontinue my weekly lessons with Darryl. I truly believe him to be one of the best teachers in the area and ardently recommend him to any person, of any age, who is looking to discover, or rediscover the magic and wonder of playing the piano.”

-Evan, Guelph


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