Welcome to Darryl’s Piano! Are you looking for lessons for Adults or Kids?

Currently Darryl’s Piano is offering in-person piano lessons (depending on Ontario health restrictions) AND lessons over the internet via Zoom.

While nothing beats working together in-person virtual lessons have many merits that can benefit people of all ages:

Children receive important face-to-face education from an adult outside the home

Parents get some “time off” with their kids occupied in lessons and practicing

People who are lonely receive weekly social contact

Players of any age get to tap their creativity

People get tangible goals to work towards during a time of uncertainty

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All you need is an instrument, a laptop, mobile device, or phone and a willingness to learn. If you are interested in learning more or booking an online trial lesson please reach out: dcremasco@gmail.com or 519.546.8664

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As a trained musician (BMus, Wilfrid Laurier/MMus, Memorial University) I bring what I have learned from years of study, performance and collaboration to your lessons. Lessons are structured on your own personal needs. If you simply want to learn the piano as a fun new hobby or you are a more serious individual who wants to prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music exams the goal of my studio is the same: to experience the joy of making music.

Services offered include instruction in reading music, theory, technique, ear-training, improvisation, and composition. Lessons are suitable for people 7 years and older, beginner through advanced levels.

Additionally, as a musician who has experienced injury (a prevalent but often hidden problem in the professional music world), I share what I’ve learned from other professionals about injury and injury prevention. Please note that all information about dealing with injuries is for educational purposes only and all suspected injuries should be examined and treated by a qualified medical professional.

I invite you to explore my website for more info and don’t forget to check out my blog!

Are you looking for lessons for children or adults?

Hot off the press: Elegy for an Asteroid is my latest work. Check out the music video and get a free copy of the score. Suitable for RCM 8/late-intermediate levels.

Looking for something new to play? Learn about the Church Modes and Baroque Dances at the same time! Click on the image to hear Mode 7 and get a FREE copy of the score!


Looking for something new to play? Check out my Nocturne or visit my Compositions page!


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” -Anonymous



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