Skype Lessons Payment

Gift Certificates

Payment can be made by e-transfer, cash or cheque.

Students may pay by the lesson, but it is recommended that they pay monthly at the beginning of each month to make keeping track of payments easier, i.e. 4 lessons at once totalling $100.

Weekly lessons are needed because progress will be more consistent.

The cost for a half hour lesson is $25, HST included. More advanced students may wish to have 1 hour lessons which are $50 each. 45 minute and 1.5 hour lessons are also possible depending on scheduling.

Promotional Trial Month

The studio is offering a promotional rate for the first month of lessons. Lesson 1 is FREE as it is a trial lesson. If the student signs up the next 3 weekly lessons are HALF-PRICE ($12.50 ea. totalling $37.50 – a saving of $62.50!).

There is no obligation to sign up for a set number of lessons. If for any reason the student wishes to discontinue lessons and all advanced-paid lessons haven’t been completed then the student will be reimbursed the remaining amount.

In the event of student absence, those who do not provide 24 hours notice will be charged for their missed lesson (excluding personal or family emergency, illness, or inclement weather).



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