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Second Studio!

I am happy to announce that my piano studio is now opening up a second room for lessons!

Sometimes it is convenient to have more than one teaching space. For example, right now the Bb above middle C on my acoustic piano is stuck and I’m waiting for the tuner.

Since there are two studios now, why not give them names?

‘Studio A#’ is the new space and is the room to your right once you get to the bottom of the stairs. It’s a long room and features a brand new Roland DP-90Se Electric Piano.

I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I am! The way the keys feel (action) and sound are designed to mimic the real thing as accurately as possible.

The other studio is ‘Studio Bb’, the place everyone is already familiar with. It’s got the good old 1901 Nordheimer Cabinet Grand.

Those with some experience will notice that the two studio names represent the same note on the keyboard. This is called an enharmonic – see you’re learning already 😀

Students will be allowed to choose which studio they want to have their lessons in each time, keeping in mind that there may be outside noises and distractions when working in Studio Bb.

Looking forward to sharing the new space with you!


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